Can You Hear?

Do You Want To Be Kind?

Does hearing about people’s loneliness sadden you?

Are you aware of the mental health crisis in our society?

Can you see that our addiction to technology is a problem?

Are you ready to be the change and be kind?

One Simple Solution - KindaListening

Recognising that to be heard is a powerful healing tool, the KindaListening project is training kind people in deep listening and empowering conversational skills. so they can more effectively support wellbeing in their community.


There is an ongoing program of workshops and reflective practice so that those trained in KindaListening resource themselves and each other, so that the benefits of KindaListening ripple out into communities, bringing enhanced skills into every conversation; be it with members of their family, colleagues or clients and service users at work, friends or strangers within the community.

Rapid changes in technology and how our society functions means that the way we are living and working does not work so well for our wellbeing. Many are not sleeping well and the 1 in 4 statistics around mental health is rising. The ripple effect impacts everyone.
We are too busy, too distracted and we are doing what we can to cope and stay above water. The coping sometimes means squashing our emotions and deeper needs, taking medication or becoming addicted to what feels good now, rather than what’s good for us.

Why Listening?


Feeling heard – feels good and is good for you!
Feeling heard – fosters connection and a sense of safety
Feeling heard – is feeling understood, valued, feeling ok!
Feeling heard – reduces stress and soothes
Feeling heard – empowers greater confidence and creativity

Feeling Heard

Feeling heard – brings out deeper needs that are not being met
Feeling heard – diffuses upset
Feeling heard – enables deep emotions to be felt and released 
Feeling heard – inspires access and trust in our intuition 
Feeling heard – connects us

Feeling heard meets many human needs

Feeling valued
Feeling safe
Feeling understood, validated
Feeling connected
And feeling heard is a relief that supports relaxation and wellbeing.


Your community needs YOU to listen!

How easy would it be for YOU to apply your kindness and be part of the solution?

The KindaListening project supports you to become inspired, motivated, confident and empowered to make a difference to others – right where you are.

The Missing Kind (tMK), is supporting the launch of a simple training programme which will raise your awareness of the importance and enhance your skills in deep listening and empowering conversation.

Contact me now if you are curious..

or if you’re ready to get started..

Whether you want to offer KindaListening to make a difference for individuals, or on behalf of a charity/not-for profit or social enterprise or on behalf of your company, there are simple training packages which work for you.

As a bonus, KindaListening is good for you too! The connection works both ways and knowing that you are making a difference fulfils your need for feeling valued and contribution and warms your heart.