KindaListening creates a ripple effect of enhanced wellbeing, connecting people and empowering communities to resource themselves


The social impact of KindaListening helps in every pocket of society: families, schools, surgeries, wards, care homes, offices, board rooms, shops and in the street. By offering KindaListening, you will be making a difference and contributing to a positive social impact on:



reducing pressure on GP’s and mental health services, improving quality of life for those in care and potentially even reducing suicides.


improving our foundation for relationships and therefore happiness


attainment and social skills


inclusion and community empowerment

All this, by just being you
- with enhanced skills giving you more presence - its a gift!
And you will love the feeling of connection and knowing that
you are making a difference.

What is the KindaListening Training Programme?

Through a short and easy process, you will:

  • enable others to feel Heard, Experience being heard for yourself (it may have been a while!),
  • develop enhanced deeper listening and empowering communication skills through Attention and Awareness training and Reflect and practice with a KindaListening companion.
  • Support will empower you to Offer KindaListening Everywhere and anytime to empower wellbeing for yourself and your community.


The KindaListening HEAROE Process:

H – Hear others

E – Experience being heard

A – Awareness and Attention Workshops

R – Reflect and practice

O – Offer KindaListening

E – Everywhere!

The KindaListening Training Programme is designed to be fully supported initially by the trainer and also through the support of KindaListening community as it grows.

It’s in your hands (ears and heart) to become a KindaListening Companion

Whether you want to offer KindaListening to make a difference for individuals, or on behalf of a charity/not-for profit or social enterprise or on behalf of your company, there are simple training packages which work for you.



Just contact Linda to apply for the KindaListening  certified training (free or partially funded places may be available for a limited time).



Contact Linda for information  about how KindaListening can benefit your charity or social enterprise


Pay it forward

Maybe you’d like to fund your own training and/or pay it forward for someone else to benefit. Contact me for information.


Voluntary contributions towards training and donations are always welcome.

For a limited time only

For charities not-for-profits and social enterprises.

If you to want to KindaListen to make a difference to your service users just contact Linda now to apply for your discretionary funded training place for one staff member in Enabled KindaListening as a pilot for your organisation (voluntary contribution for any free training is always welcome!)

If you want to KindaListen to make a difference on behalf of your company contact me now.