Privacy Policy

Your information/data collected from this website is so that we can communicate with you in regard to updating you about developments, services and marketing related to the KindaListening project and/or your participation in the KindaListening project. We may also update you about related projects under the Missing Kind charity umbrella. We keep this information – and any data you share with us, confidential within the project and do not share it with others outside of KindaListening and within the umbrella charity; the Missing Kind.

As part of the KindaListening community (having completed either local or online training), any data you share with us is for the use of developing the project through anonymised statistical data processing and/or anonymised marketing, unless you have given consent to include any identifying details. 

As part of the KindaListening community any data you share with us, related to your ongoing participation in the project is kept digitally in password protected folders and hard copies are scanned and destroyed. You may withdraw your consent if you choose to leave the KindaListening community and in this case your data will be deleted except where any data is required to be kept for business, legal or insurance reasons. Please email Linda@KindaListening if you wish for your data to be deleted and/or if you no longer wish to receive emails.  

KindaListening follows the privacy policy of the umbrella charity the Missing Kind and you can see more detail here: